We are still working on the first version of our product. You cannot start talking to your customers too early, so we created a landing page. The goal is to collect email addresses of people who want to use our product or who doesn’t want to, but willing to criticize it. Talking to the users is critical for us.

My dream is to create a service that people use and like. Making profit is secondary. Really. So asking users if they like the idea or not is critical for our product! Of course, before launching the product itself, we’d like to start talking to users and asking them about their needs and their opinion.

I bought some landing page templates on Themeforest. Yes, our budget is low, we’re a bootstrapped startup.

Good old times! When I started creating webpages, you just created the file, uploaded to the server and that’s all, it was up and running. Fortunately we have more advanced tools and methodologies nowadays. So I spent quite a lot of time with designing and testing the build process for the landing page. Ensuring that all the resources are compressed, most of them are concatenated.
Installed my favourite viral tool, Maitreapp, fought with some minor difficulties with it. (this part is outdated) Integrated an A/B testing solution from Optimizely. Installed analytics codes. It took quite a lot of time. But now it’s ready.
If you are reading this before our launch, check the result out on SimpleWP!
The fun begins.