It is my dream for a long time now. I was thinking about this topic, I was dreaming about it. Learned about it in several courses.
Tons of ideas came to my mind and I’m a good developer with experience in running a business, too. So why I haven’t started one for a long time?

Finding the focus

When you have an idea, you can be in love with it really easily. I did it many times. Analyzed it and sow the great business potential in it. Think about it and discuss with others. DONE. For me, one thing was missing. The core, what can keep me motivated.

I always loved helping people so much. When in the beginning of my carreer I was working as an IT support guy, I really loved it!
As a side project I taught on beginner level IT courses. Teaching elderly people, it was soo good!

I had to understand, that ** I love helping people! **. It’s not just an usual BS, I really do.

Finding a partner

There are probably a lot of people out there who can efficiently work alone. I also love to work alone during the nights, alone, without distraction. But when I’m alone, I usually:

  • Loose focus sooner or later
  • Become bored easily
  • Don’t care about the beauty of the code I create
  • Tend to postpone fixing bugs
  • Discuss technical ideas, things with my wife, who is not a geek (She can smile and tell, it sounds good. And it sounds good, but it doesn’t move you forward)

Generally, for me working without a partner is not really good. I had a business partner in the past, who I was able to work with and we motivated each other so nicely. Unfortunately he now lives in a different country and his life went to another direction, so this partnership doesn’t work now.

Fortunately enough, it seems now, that I found a friend, who can keep me motivated. He challenges me with his amazing technical knowledge and also his interest in business and his approach towards work is really good. And we can talk for hours, too. And what is even better, he likes the idea, the idea which also helps me focus.

The project: SimpleWP

The project we started working on is a real fun one. It can help thousands of people by making Wordpress hosting really easy. They can be sure that their site is up and running, it’s safe and they just need to press a button or two, nothing else. With great support and really simple pricing, this will be the best place to host a Wordpress website for anyone, who doesn’t look for sysadmin and devops activities, just wants to have his/her site up and running. We have just put up a nice landing page and we’re building the core code and the UI right now. Hopefully we can launch it in the summer. In case you’re interested, go and check it out at