I’m looking for the perfect solution for coordinating my little team’s software development. I’ve tested several collaboration solutions and now I think I’ve found a good one.

[caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“226” caption=“Codespaces Dashboard”]Codespaces Dashboard[/caption]

What I need is: svn hosting with web interface (Trac or similar) and at least a common worklpace for the developers or information sharing and communication. And it has to be cheap :) I’ve found what I need in Codespaces (www.codespaces.com) . It has svn hosting with the option of downloading the backup files for archiving purpose (they backup, too). You can create project workspaces. You can make svn repositories in those workspaces. Any number of repositories can go into one project, but one repository can belong to multiple projects, too. You can make wiki and a forum, for the project. Of course it hasĀ  a feature/milestone handling tool, too, you can handle error reports and fixing there, too. You have a nice dashboard to have an overview on the progress of the team. You can switch between the projects quickly. Of course you can have multiple users and they can be assigned to different projects - they cannot see the rest of the projects. They can have different access rights. And the pirce is amazing. The plan I currently need is only $9,99 per month for a 1G space! Try it, it worths!

[caption id=“” align=“alignright” width=“241” caption=“Codespaces GANTT chart”]Codespaces GANTT chart[/caption]

www.codespaces.com And no, it is not an advertisement :)