As an Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have Technet Plus subscription, su I can access Microsoft’s operating systems and other software. I decided to try Windows 7, but it took half a day to install it. The setup was frozen when I reached a nice picture with flower like graphics. I can’t really beleive the cause. I had to dig the net for a while, but I found it finally! My computer doesn’t have a floppy drive, but in the BIOS, the floppy was turned on. Beleive me, I’ve installed every OS’s I was able to reach, but I’ve never met with something like that. Windows 7 setup was simply frozen and didnt gave any signs about the cause.

When I disabled the floppy in the BIOS, Windows 7 was installed very quickly. The installer was nice, elegant, simple. Almost every devices are working without any comfiguration, including the internet connection, too. Only my OKI b2200 is not working, unfortunately, maybe I’ll have to plub my HP back? We’ll see, but I’ll try my best to find a proper driver for my OKI first. Apart from that dumb installation problem, the setup was the best I’ve met. You can get a command line during the setup and you can use the tasgmanager during it! I’m exploring Windows 7 now, I wrote this post on it, too.