I’m learning the art of programming from my age of nine. I have a Computer Programmer degree from a Hungarian school, and tons of finished classes from several Hungarian Universities, but I haven’t completed my Masters, yet. Although I have a successful career in IT, more than ten years of work experience and around five years of team leading experience, too without a Masters, nowadays I felt, that I need it to satisfy my own expectations.  I’m an employee, I have two firms and a family, so I needed a flexible university, which is not just flexible, but recognized internationally and where I have to work for my degree, not just buy it. After careful consideration I chose University of Liverpool’s Msc in Software Engineering. I’ll write about my decision later.

I decided to publish some of my academic work here, because I found our tasks very interesting. The system is, that we have to write answers to two “Discussion Questions” and a hand in assignment. The Discussion Questions have to be discussed by the class, the assignment can only be seen by the Instructor. After spending several weeks in the first module “Computer Structures” I now can see, that the DQs are really interesting and sometimes the assignments, too. The class is actively discussing them in-depth on the forum. I thought, others might be interested in them, too.

It’s important to know some parameters.

We have to write DQs and assignments which are 350-500 words long. We have to use the Harvard Referencing system - and that is forced, so we currently may not post a work, without 2-5 references in it. Usage of Wikipedia is allowed, but only if we can use other reference(s) for the same thing, too.  Many of the questions are ambiguous, so we have to think about the topic a lot and it’s almost sure, that we all will give different answers.

I’ll publish my answers, together with the questions I answered. I cannot publish others’ work and the discussions. I’m not perfect, so my ork is not perfect, too, feel free to comment and discuss it. Feel free to point out my errors! I’m learning from my age of nine - and I’m 34 now. Why should I finish learning now?

Now I think that I’ll write expanded version of some of the questions later, because those are interesting ones and without the limits of the assignments, I express my opinion better. It depends on my time - and I don’t have too much.